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People playing footsies

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People playing footsies

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Playig act of tickling another persons feet under a table with your own, usually as an act of flirting. Generally it is hidden. The way of claiming money found on the floor.

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It is ideal if the person is sitting across from you.

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If you try to play footsie with someone who is not interested in you, they may avoid playing along or tell you to stop. The person should be sitting fotosies to you. Guy2: Hey Law of FootsiesFootsie keepers. If the person is smiling at you and acting flirtatiously, then it is probably okay to initiate contact with this person.

Guy1:N00b, that is my money Then, quietly slip one of your shoes off using your other foot to slide the shoe off if necessary. The waiter caught is at footsies In that case, you should tap them more slowly and linger a bit. Footsie is no fun if everyone knows what you're doing. Give a little wink, or give a cute, playful, or gentle smile.

Try not to make the smile apologetic, though. In the best case scenario, though, they will be receptive. If two people do it at the same time it can lead to a Footsie Battle.

They'll think it was an accident. If the person is not responsive to you in conversation, then it is not the best idea to play footsie with them.

Shoes that tie, like boots plzying sneakers, will be more difficult to discreetly remove. If they look around and says "Who just pushed my foot?

By placing your foot over the coin before the other person. Stop if they pull their feet quickly out of reach. The way of claiming money pwople on the floor.

Do it just once and see the reaction. The act of tickling another persons feet under a table with your own, usually as ;eople act of flirting.

Then, pull away and wait for him or her to come after your foot. Generally it is hidden.

Footsie (flirting)

Tap or push the other person's foot lightly and playfully, then pull away. It should be someone you've already flirted with and who has flirted back. It is best if you are at a table that has a long tablecloth.

Make sure you can reach the other person's feet without tripping over the toes of unwanted spectators.