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How to cancel okcupid account

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How to cancel okcupid account

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Open the OkCupid app and log in to your. Click the profile icon on the bottom right corner. OKCupid is one of the most renowned dating apps cajcel online. It matches people based on similar interests and quirks. This helps users create long-lasting bonds that are meaningful and genuine. The success rate of this dating platform is so high that people seek subscription cancellation after they have found their partners.

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As long as your password acccount correct, doing this will permanently delete your OKCupid and all data associated with it. Jump to How do I cancel my OkCupid!

If you would like a refund because you have experienced a serious bug or issue, or if your payment info was used without your permission, you can a friendly human for help. Was this hos If you still need help, you can a friendly human. Newest iPhone FAQs.

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Disabling your will accont you to take a break from the app or dating. We've sent you a text with a link to download Emma. Please try again later.

How to cancel okcupid

You should see the date your subscription is set to end. Please try again later.

Here's how: Open the OkCupid! Open the OkCupid app and log in to your. Tap the subscription that you want to manage. Emma is a money management app that connects to all your bank s to help you track paid subscriptions and bank fees, set budgets payday to payday and categorise your expenses to identify areas for improvement in your finances.

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Deleting your will remove your profile from OkCupid! This helps users create accoint bonds that are meaningful and genuine. If you delete youryou can use the same address for another in the future.

If one does not exist, block it as "spam". Thanks for the feedback!

But wait! Tap Subscriptions. Do this until you get to the "Disable " option, Tap the drop down box and select "Delete ," then tap "Confirm" to delete your. Community Answer Check the bottom of the s for an "unsubscribe" option.

Newest iphone faqs

If you decide to make another OKCupidyou won't be able to use the same username. If you want to stop billing via iTunes or Google Play, you will need to cancel your subscription through them separately from closing your OkCupid.

hos Almost all s have this option. If you would like assistance with a purchase made via the iPhone app, you will need to contact Apple support.

If you purchased via Google Play and are looking on the OkCupid app's settingsyour subscription will look like this: If you're using the app but don't see an option to cancel in iTunes or Google Play, then it's likely that you paid via Ocupid Card or PayPal and need to cancel on our website instead. We're so happy to hear you found each other. If you'd like to keep a memento of your conversation on OkCupid, make sure to copy those messages before you close your s.

For more information check out our help on canceling subscriptions. Your scrapbook will thank you. Remember- deleting is permanent, so if you think you'll want to come back to us in the future, choose "disable".


On the app, tap on your profilethen on Settings, and then on Disable your. You can also check a reason for leaving and leave an explanatory comment in this window. To Cancel Your Subscription On the settings you'll see a list of your subscriptions and will see a "Turn off automatic billing" link. It is your responsibility to cancel a subscription if you no longer want it.

How to cancel a subscription

Check out the instructions above to cancel your OkCupid membership. Tap the Profile icon in the bottom right corner.

If not, that's a bummer. You will be able to use the same if you choose to the app again at a later date.

You can also browse our directory for s on how to cancel other popular subscription services. Please try again later.